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Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Fees, Enrolment and Refunds

1. No refunds of fees will be made in the event of a student failing to attend or complete their course or workshop.
2. In rare circumstances, course or workshop dates may be altered or cancelled due to availability. The applicant may be offered alternative dates if their chosen course is no longer available. If the applicant is unable to attend any alternative course dates a full refund will be issued.
3. £500 deposits are non-refundable, but are credited against the course fee.
4. The balance of the full course fees must be paid to The Session School no less than 14 days prior to the start of the chosen course. Students will not be accepted on the commencement date unless full payment of fees has been made or an arrangement with the school has been reached.
5. For workshops or masterclasses, where the total fee is less than £500, the full payment must be paid upon booking.
6. Fees are non-refundable should a course be interrupted by an Act of God or terrorist attack.
7. If you cancel your enrolment less than 30 days prior to the start date no monies shall be refunded.
8. If a student cancels for medical reasons, a letter from a GP is required. If medical cancellation is less than 30 days prior to the start date, a course credit will be issued. The credit will be valid for 12 months from the confirmed cancellation date.

Hours, Attendance and Achievement

1. Failure to attend the start date will prevent you from attending any other part of the course, and you will not be entitled to a refund or offered another start date.
2. Classes will start promptly at published times regardless of whether all students are present. Classes will not be delayed for late comers and teachers are not responsible for repeating missed classes. Class hours can be varied at the discretion of the schools director with prior notice. Time off for official religious holidays, medical appointments, planned weddings, etc must be discussed and agreed with before application.
3. It is not the responsibility of the school or individual tutor to provide additional classes/hours for students to catch up in classes they have missed.

Learners Agreement

1. All students will be required to sign a learners contract after each class.

Learner Complaints and Disciplinary Action

1. Any complaints from students will be discussed with the course director. We will try to reach an understanding and come to a mutual compromise to put any complaints or problems right.
2. If any student behaves improperly on the school premises (including disrupting the class due to emotional or behavioral issues and/or damage or removal of school property) they will be asked to leave immediately.
3. In order to maintain a professional working environment at The Session School, rules and regulations have been set. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in verbal action followed by a written warning followed by expulsion from the school.

Equal Opportunity, Referral and Discrimination

1. The Session School will refer any student to relevant schemes if necessary; such as further education/learning difficulties/emotional issues.
2. Initial assessments of students will be taken prior to courses commencing.
3. There will be no discrimination against people with learning difficulties or disabilities in general as our courses only require the use of hands and arms. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated at The Session School by students, tutors, models, or photographers.
4. The school will comply with:
Referral Systems
Commissions of Race Relations
Disability Discrimination Act 1995
Age and Gender Discrimination Act
Company Policy
Equal Opportunity Policy
Data Protection Act 1998