Makeup Artistry At The AIU Fashion Show

Makeup Artistry At The AIU Fashion Show

The Session School provides golden opportunities for their graduates to build their CVs and portfolios. A team of talented graduates, led by Gina Pomfrett, created the make up looks for a recent AIU Fashion Show (American Intercontinental University at Regent’s University).

Sponsored by mineral make up company, Bellapierre Cosmetics, the make up artists designed the make up for the AIU Fashion Show, while Electric Hair provided hairstylists. Gina’s team included Toni Cassidy, Natasha French, Virginie Kieken and Skirmante Jarukaite.

AIU_Brief faceThe look, a bold combination of red and green, was created for the catwalk using shades from Bellapierre’s collection. After creating a flawless base with Bellapierre Mineral Foundation, £34.99, in the appropriate shade, by buffing on the powder to create a smooth finish, Gina and the team used a bright green mineral eyeshadow powder taken from Bellapierre Shimmer 9-Stack in Iris, £59.99, and Cinnabar Shimmer Powder, £12.99, a reddish maroon shade, which was used on brows, lips and eyelids.

AIU Fashion ShowTo give the lashes extra definition, Gina and team coated lashes with Bellapierre Clear Mascara, £19.99, and then applied the Green Shimmer Powder to the lashes. Cheeks were contoured with a darker shade of Bellapierre Mineral Foundation, £34.99 to suit each models face shape – a technique you learn while on the Bridal and Professional Makeup Artistry Courses.

AIU Fashion ShowLips were lined with Bellapierre Truly Red Liner, £16, and then filled in with Cinnabar shimmer Powder mixed with Vanilla Bean Lip Balm, £9.99. Learn how to customize Bellapierre by enrolling on our Mineral Makeup Workshop!

AIU Fashion ShowFeeling inspired by the look Gina created for the AIU Fashion Show?

Maybe you want to do a wash of green across your lid, or maybe you love the ruby red lips! We challenge you to create a bold look and post it to Instagram!

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