Bridal Hair Course

Some experience recommended, but not essential.
Length: 6 days

Due to popular demand, we are now offering a Bridal Hair Course. Our team of expert instructors at The Session School have selected the lessons that are most related to Bridal clients, and have come up with an intensive course just for you.

Maybe you are a makeup artist who wants to be more competitive by adding hair styling to your list of services. Maybe you are a salon stylist who wants to learn the proper techniques for creating styles that will last, Holly_Alex_Jenor are looking for inspiration. Whatever your reasons, the Bridal Hair Course will give you a fresh spark.

Bridal Hair Course is suitable for beginners, but we recommend some experience handling hair styling equipment.


Upon completion of the Bridal Hair Course, you will be fully qualified to:

  • Work with private clients
  • Provide bridal hair styling
  • Assist professional hair stylists
  • Begin a career in the bridal hair styling industry

The Bridal Hair Course includes:



  • 5 days of expert training in small groups
  • A full day photographic shoot with a professional photographer and models
  • Digital images for use in your portfolio
  • Use of all products, tools, and equipment at The Session School for the duration of the course.

You are required to bring a professional hair kit. If you would like to purchase a kit we are happy to procure one for you for a fee (greatly discounted from retail value).

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Bridal Hair Course syllabus:

All courses run from 10am to 6pm with an hour for lunch.


Introduction & Blow-dry

  • Health and safety, hygiene and sterilisation of equipment
  • Selecting and using the correct tools
  • Products for desired results
  • Handling wet hair and sectioning
  • Maximum smoothness with round brush
  • Changing the texture of hair (root lifts, simple flicks, etc.)
  • Velcro Set
  • Dressing hair

bridal-hair04Hair Up – Part 1

  • Importance of client consultations
  • Backcombing / creating structure and form
  • Smooth ponytail / buns
  • Quiffs / messy ponytail / modern buns
  • Using supports to create shape (bun rings, sausages, etc.)
  • Styling, dressing and finishing techniques (and products)
  • Creating curl in the hair / pin set

bridal-hair05Curls – Natural & Styled

  • The effects of humidity
  • Preparation of hair for curling
  • Different techniques for creating curls (rollers, tongs, etc.)
  • Tools, tongs, setting and finishing products
  • Half updo / romantic side-swept ponytail

bridal-hair06Plaits, Braids & Twists

  • Parting and sectioning hair for plaits, braids and twists
  • Types of plaits, braids and twists (French, Dutch, rope, fish tail, etc…)
  • Braided updo using curl for added texture
  • Styling and finishing products

Hair Up – Part 2bridal-hair07

  • Preparing hair for creating structure
  • From classic to contemporary
  • French pleats / Beehives / Forward rolls
  • Styling, dressing and finishing techniques
  • Placement of Bridal Accessories (veils, tiaras, etc.)