Blow dry course: The big hair blow dry

Blow dry course: The big hair blow dry

Blow dry course: When it comes to hair If you want to perfect just one skill perfect your blow dry. The blow dry is the most requested hair skill to master at The Session School. At the Session school we recommend studying both hair and makeup in order to make yourself more competitive.

The Session school runs private big hair blow dry workshops this costs £250 for half a day of expert one on one teaching or £500 for a full day. Our hair teachers are renowned in the industry and with one on one teaching will give you the feedback and direction to find the technique that works for you whilst giving amazing results.

What we cover in our blow dry course: Well the course is tailored for you so the teacher will focus on the areas that you need help with. You will get full attention and the teacher will spot which areas need to be worked on the most. You will build your confidence when it comes to handling hair and you will gain expert advice and tips.

The course will cover health and safety, hygiene and steralisation of equipment.

The best products for desired results and how to use them.

You will look at how to section the hair and how to handle wet hair with tools and products.

The round brush blow dry technique and acheiving maximum smoothing with a round brush.

Ways to add and build volume including back combing and changing the texture of the hair.

Dressing the hair and velcro setting.

By the time you finish your blow dry course at the session school you will be confident and have a great blow dry technique. We recommend a full day for those who want to get more practise in.

To book the blow dry course contact us now: 02079987353

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