Beginner’s Make Up Course: Beautiful Brows

Beginner’s Make Up Course: Beautiful Brows

Our beginner’s make up course covers all the foundations necessary to achieve a flawless look and that begins with the basics – perfect eyebrows. Beautiful brows are never out of fashion, so we asked The Session School founder and professional make up artist Dani Guinsberg for her tips from our beginner’s make up course to achieving the perfect brow.


2017 is definitely the year of the natural brow, this year we will be seeing a return to natural beauty. This means making sure your brows are exactly as they were born to be . For some of us this means getting rid of unwanted hairs as much as filling in missing gaps. Over tweezed brows and thick overly bushy brows are ‘out’ for 2017!  In our beginner’s make up course we focus a great deal on eyebrow maintenance as getting them right can take years off your face – getting them wrong can have the opposite effect!

  • Don’t try to change the natural shape you were born with especially altering the natural arch as this may mean your brows no longer fit your face
  • Start with clean dry brows
  • For unruly brows trim long eyebrow hairs rather than pluck them away in case they don’t grow back. When you do pluck take hairs away in the natural direction the hair grows. Don’t take too much hair away so you are left with a thin line which then needs extra filling in every time you apply make up! Natural is the key here
  • Once the unwanted hair has been removed you will be left with the basic beautiful natural shape ready for grooming correctly
  • Apply a natural toned highlighter pencil to just below the brow blended onto your brow bone to give lift and extra shape to the eye.  You can follow the direction the hair grows from upwards to downwards. Start with the sparser areas filling in with a good quality brow powder or pencil. Make light small strokes in the direction of the hair growth and always brush through at the end to check they have the required depth and shape . As a general rule the inner corners of the brow have fuller hair growth and need less filling in
  • Always choose a brow colour that is an exact match or half a shade lighter than your natural brow – this will suit your features more than a colour too light or too dark. Use a clear brow gel or wax to keep eyebrows in place for the day and night this gives a natural shine rather than a matte powdery effect a powder or pencil can leave behind

Our favourite products for grooming eyebrows, which we recommend on our beginner’s make up course, include Benefit Brows, Eyeko and Bobbi Brown brow mascara and Veet beauty styler.

Our 16-day beginner’s make-up course covers all the basics, such as skin preparation, eyebrow shaping and grooming and understanding the tools of the trade right through to expert make up application, contouring, experimenting with different looks and hair styling.  For more information click here.